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Nancy is Requesting Help to Remove Head Tumor
By Masuti Chemasuet from Chebyuk,Mt. Elgon, Kenya (0724208892). Posted on 23rd February, 2015. [NEW]

   Update 24/Feb/15 at 9:21pm: Nancy today underwent preliminary examination at Eldoret Referral Hospital. The doctor told her to return on Friday 28/Feb/2015 at 8:00am for admission and preparation for surgical operation to remove the tumor. Bungoma Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony Kamoet said that Bungoma County will still provide an ambulance for Nancy for Friday's hospital return trip.Total fundraising cash raised so far is Kshs 26,000. For those wishing to contribute read below for more details....We will keep posting updates on this website. Thanks.
    Update 24/Feb/15 at 7:21am: Nancy boarded Bungoma County Government Ambulance heading to Eldoret MOI TEACHING AND REFERRAL HOSPITAL and our own Dr. Edward Chemwachar from Kaptama is waiting to receive her. Nancy is accompanied by her mother and a neighbor Mr Steven Chepkoy who is to return back home after handing over the patient to Dr Chemwachar. Thanks for generous assistance from Bungoma Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony Kamoet, Chepyuk ward representative Mr. Enock Chemorion Ndiema, the entire Sabaot Peoples Online (SPO) facebook family and all well wishers for supporting this course. Nancy still needs your support and prayers thank you all. For additional details read yesterday's posting below...... 
   23/Feb/15: At times you ask yourself “why me?” and this is exactly what has occupied the mind of 28 year old Nancy Chebo Manyorio who has been carrying a 3kgs tumor on her head ever since she was three years old. Two weeks ago, I met Nancy, a mother of three at Huruma- Chepkurkur while she was going on with her regular business of buying and reselling maize commonly known as “Kenya Runda Business”. To her everything seemed “normal” but my eyes saw something worth my attention which prompted me to start talking with her while seeking answers to the many questions that were continuously striking my mind. She told me that she did not have money to seek medical treatment because whatever little cash she earned from her maize business catered for the cost of feeding her two young children. Another predicament that befell Nancy, is that she was discouraged by friends from getting a national Identification card due to the huge tumor covering part of her face. We hope that soon she will be able to proudly get her national ID once the tumor has been removed.
    I was extremely moved by her condition and opted to seek financial help from our Sabaot community and all well wishers globally in order to help Nancy remove the heavy burden from her head. The approximate cost for her medical treatment is more than Kshs. 100,000 and So far Sabaot Peoples Online (SPO) facebook group has responded positively by fundraising Kshs. 20,000. Plans are underway to use the cash collected so far to initiate treatment process.
    Fundraising: Anybody wishing to help our lady can send her contributions to Lawyer Peninah Cheruto Neuno using her MPESA number 0725595223 or direct patient updates you can call Masuti's telephone # 0724208892. We shall continue to update this post as her medical intervention progresses. Thanks and God bless you all for your financial and moral support.


»Focus on Mt. Elgon as Kenya-Uganda unite. [NEW]

Bungoma County Set to Put Up Major Football Academies.

»Tourism stake holders appeal for security and road infrastructure.

»Mt. Elgon Armed Group Commander Captured in Sebei-Uganda.

»Sebei  Catholic Diocese gets new Bishop.

»British tourist dies climbing Mount Elgon in Suam-Uganda 

Sports: Kenyan Volleyball star Mercy Moim relocates to Finland

 Mercy Moim (Back row 2nd from left) who hails from Koboywo, Mt. Elgon and formerly playing volleyball for both Kenya prisons and the National Kenyan team, has now landed a professional career with club Liiga Ploki in read more click here.


Velma wins Miss Tourism in Bungoma County.
By Daniel Psirmoi. Posted 19th October, 2014.

Bungoma Governor Lusaka joins in the celebrations as Velma Chepchumba wins Miss Tourism, Bungoma County.

A first-year student from JKUAT is the new Bungoma County Miss Tourism 2014. Valma Chepchumba, 22, a Sabaot from Mt Elgon, was crowned Miss Tourism 2014 after 18 other beauties for the crown......
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Is defeated Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) Plotting a Comeback?
He is bright-eyed and looks more nervous than I am.He is dressed in army camouflage. From our correspondences, I knew ‘The Terminator’ was a huge man, perhaps over 6-foot-1 inch.  But I am struck by how bony he is, with bony wrists. His firearm is partly rested on his lap and two knives dangle from his webbed belt. Beside him is a stone-faced, bare-chested man, in his early 30s, holding a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun.........
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Who are the Sabaots?

The Sabaots tribe is one of the nine sub-tribes of the Kenyan Kalenjin tribe. The other eight Kalenjin sub-tribes are: Sengwer, Tugen, Terik, Keiyo, Kipsigis, Pokot, Marakwet and Nandi who live in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The Sabaots are the authentic Kalenjin tribe and hence they are commonly referred as "Kapkugo" by the other Kalenjin sub-tribes. The Sabaot community is comprised of six sub-dialects namely: 1.Bookok (Book), 2. Somek, 3. Mosopishok (Mosop), 4. Konjak (Kony), 5. Bong'omek (Bungoma), and 6. Sabinjak (Sebei) here to read more.

     Video about the Sabaots  

»Moim named 2014/15 Most Valuable Player in Finland [NEW]


»Edwin Chemoiywo: Broken Promises of Land Reforms in Chebyuk-Mt. Elgon, Kenya.[NEW]

»For this Kitale Couple, Music is a Family Affair.


Kenya Equity Bank’s “Wings To Fly Scholarships”.

Finance Officer-Kenya. 
Regional Finance Manager-NGO, Kenya.
Regional Finance & Systems Manager,Kenya.
Livelihoods Officer and Assistant IRK-Kenya.
CFA-FSL Program Manager Garbatulla-Isiolo, Kenya.
Capacity Development Manager-Kenya.


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Light a candle at Terah Kipchiris Memorial website.

»"All the Men have gone": War Crimes in Mt. Elgon-Kenya.
»Mt. Elgon Violence: May 2008.
Mt. Elgon Development Plan.
Mt. Elgon Land Tenure and Management.
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»Dormitories of two Schools in Mt. Elgon-Kenya destroyed by  fire.
Faith Ndiwa [La Bonte LTD CEO] Launches the "Dial-A-CD" program.
»Mt Elgon Constituency, where voters defied party euphoria
»Whom Raila Amolo Odinga Should Blame Forever
Elections: Kapondi Defeated as Serut makes a comeback. 
Sabaots rejoice as ‘Mt Elgon dream’ finally comes true.
Elder Eliud Wandiema Succumbs to Illness at Eldoret Memorial Hospital-Kenya
Elgon-kenya: Jilted Wife Sets Shop Ablaze
Mt. Elgon Kenya: Row as 40 families miss out on IDP land. 
Elections-Kenya: NARC-Kenya’s Karua and Augustine Chemonges campaign in Mt. Elgon
Elections-Kenya: Bruising Battle of Titans amongst Mt. Elgon former MP's
»Pierson escapes Roll-over auto accident while Lazarus recovering from fractured leg. 
KCPE: Sabaot-Girl number one in Bungoma/Kalenjin counties and 7th nationally. 
»Kapondi wins URP nominations, rival cries foul.
Kenya AG opposes Mt. Elgon Saboat case application for review of its Judgment
»Mt. Elgon Coffee farmers set to reap big from Norway market. By Daniel Psirmoi. 
Samson Bein Kimobwa a Kenyan World athletic legend succumbs to sudden illness. By Esly Kania (Minnesota,USA)
Chebyuk IDP's to be resettled before polls
SIDO RadioNet is now streaming Sabaot Music and News 24/7...tune in!!.Posted 18th November 2012.
»Our God is aware, able and available. By Dr. D.C Chemorion.
Listen to online Quaran. 

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