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The President of Kenya appoints three Sabaots to serve in the Jubilee Government. Posted 27th April 2015

 SIDO News Network on behalf of the Sabaot community would like to extend our appreciation to the jubilee government and his Excellency the president of Kenya for appointing our own to various positions in state corporations for a period of three years beginning 17th April 2015. Firstly, our own Dr. Nathan Psiwa, a sabaot from Trans-Nzoia County has been appointed to be the Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015. Secondly, Mr. Jonas Kuko Misto Vincent a sabaot from Trans-Nzoia County has been appointed to be a member of the Rural Electrification Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015. Finally, Reverend Stephen Kiptoem Mairori a sabaot from Trans-Nzoia County has been appointed to be a member of the National Campaign against Drug Abuse Authority Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, read entire appointment list click here

Geoffrey Mung'ou Alibisha Kwingi Kabla Ya Kuwa Mwandishi na Mwanahabari Msifika.
Imepakiwa - Wednesday, April 15 2015 at 09:33 [

Kwa Mukhtasari: Geoffrey Mung’ou ni mtangazaji wa redio mtajika na mwandishi stadi wa vitabu ambaye anafahamika na wengi kwa jina 'Sauti ya Simba’. Alipitia mengi kabla ya kutimiza ndoto yake ya kuwa mwanahabari mwaka 2010. Tangu wakati huo, hajaribu nyuma na anazidi kutikisa tasnia ya uanahabari na uandishi wa vitabu. KANDO na kuwa mtangazaji mtajika wa redio, Geoffrey Mung’ou mwandishi stadi wa vitabu ambaye anafahamika na wengi kama 'Sauti ya Simba’ here to read more.


Leaders from Mt. Elgon differ Sharply during NCIC Forum-Mt. Elgon, Kenya.
By Steve Wambugu. Source: Posted 10th April 2015. 

Former Mt Elgon MP Fred Kapondi yesterday accused current MP John Serut of inciting the community against each other. The two leaders were at a National Cohesion and Integration Commission forum in Nakuru town. Leaders from Mt Elgon attended the forum to ongoing wrangles.

"You are not driving any development," Kapondi told Serut.

NCIC chairman Francis ole Kaparo intervened to stop the leaders' spat.

"Mt Eldon residents are not the property of Serut, Kapondi, Kisiero or any other leader hence leaders should show servant leadership instead of propelling war." he said.

Kaparo accused the two leaders of being the problem. He said they should offer services instead of being warlords. The two-day forum is expected to end today, with NCIC set to give its solution to the problem....Click here to view copies of Mt. Elgon NCIC Resolutions.

International News:

»Moim named 2014/15 Most Valuable Player in Finland


»Edwin Chemoiywo: Micro ethnicity in Mt Elgon: Are we “Biikaap Kony” or “Biikaap Sabaot”?

»Edwin Chemoiywo: Broken Promises of Land Reforms in Chebyuk-Mt. Elgon, Kenya.

»For this Kitale Couple, Music is a Family Affair.


»Fulbright Scholarship USA Program- source: Somek Taiwa.
Kenya Equity Bank’s “Wings To Fly Scholarships”.


»Dispatch Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.
»LPG Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.
»Weighbridge Assistant at Libya Oil Kenya Limited.


»Light a candle at Figuhr Samedi Kania Memorial Website.
Light a candle at Terah Kipchiris Memorial website.


»"All the Men have gone": War Crimes in Mt. Elgon-Kenya.
»Mt. Elgon Violence: May 2008.
Mt. Elgon Development Plan.
Mt. Elgon Land Tenure and Management.
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»Dormitories of two Schools in Mt. Elgon-Kenya destroyed by  fire.
Faith Ndiwa [La Bonte LTD CEO] Launches the "Dial-A-CD" program.
»Mt Elgon Constituency, where voters defied party euphoria
»Whom Raila Amolo Odinga Should Blame Forever
Elections: Kapondi Defeated as Serut makes a comeback. 
Sabaots rejoice as ‘Mt Elgon dream’ finally comes true.
Elder Eliud Wandiema Succumbs to Illness at Eldoret Memorial Hospital-Kenya
Elgon-kenya: Jilted Wife Sets Shop Ablaze
Mt. Elgon Kenya: Row as 40 families miss out on IDP land. 
Elections-Kenya: NARC-Kenya’s Karua and Augustine Chemonges campaign in Mt. Elgon
Elections-Kenya: Bruising Battle of Titans amongst Mt. Elgon former MP's
»Pierson escapes Roll-over auto accident while Lazarus recovering from fractured leg. 
KCPE: Sabaot-Girl number one in Bungoma/Kalenjin counties and 7th nationally. 
»Kapondi wins URP nominations, rival cries foul.
Kenya AG opposes Mt. Elgon Saboat case application for review of its Judgment
»Mt. Elgon Coffee farmers set to reap big from Norway market. By Daniel Psirmoi. 
Samson Bein Kimobwa a Kenyan World athletic legend succumbs to sudden illness. By Esly Kania (Minnesota,USA)
Chebyuk IDP's to be resettled before polls
SIDO RadioNet is now streaming Sabaot Music and News 24/7...tune in!!.Posted 18th November 2012.
»Our God is aware, able and available. By Dr. D.C Chemorion.
Listen to online Quaran. 

Who are the Sabaots?

The Sabaots tribe is one of the nine sub-tribes of the Kenyan Kalenjin tribe. The other eight Kalenjin sub-tribes are: Sengwer, Tugen, Terik, Keiyo, Kipsigis, Pokot, Marakwet and Nandi who live in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The Sabaots are the authentic Kalenjin tribe and hence they are commonly referred as "Kapkugo" by the other Kalenjin sub-tribes. The Sabaot community is comprised of six sub-dialects namely: 1.Bookok (Book), 2. Somek, 3. Mosopishok (Mosop), 4. Konjak (Kony), 5. Bong'omek (Bungoma), and 6. Sabinjak (Sebei) here to read more.

     Video about the Sabaots  


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